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Edelweiss Personal Weather Station and Cameras

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Locations of stations in the above table

Edelweiss, Winthrop, WA Mazama Junction, Mazama, WA
Patterson Tower, Winthrop, WA Winthrop (School?)
Winthrop Inn, Winthrop, WA Hart's Pass - 6,197 ft, Mazama, WA
Rainy Pass, Stechekin, North Cascades Hwy Swamp Creek, Stechekin, North Cascades Hwy
Diablo Dam, Diablo, WA (NCH) NewHalem, WA
N6QIH, Larry & Sandy, Draper, UT WB6WUI, Edelweiss, Mazama, WA

This is a personal project that I have long wished to implement.  I've had many weather stations but this is my first that will report it's readings to the Internet elegantly.  I added my first weather cam in July 2011 and was very fortunate to find a Stardot XL 3MP with the 8-48mm motorized zoom lens and added it in August 2011.  I added a Stardot 5MP SC with 4-12mm in June of 2013 and it is now Lucky Jim Bluf Cam.    I also have Methow.us and all the known Methow Valley Area Webcams shown on a single page.

My station here in Edelweiss consists of a Davis Vantage Vue which is a less expensive instrument that the Vantage Pro II.  The instrument is mounted 6 feet above the centerline of the peak of the roof of my home.  It is less then an ideal location due to the many pine trees surrounding but it is the largest open area on my lot and is the best I can do.  The close proximity of the trees could affect the wind speed/direction slightly but otherwise, it is well located.

The software for moving the weather data to the Internet locations is Cumulus, a freeware or donationware project.  The software included with the data-logger did not meet my needs and Cumulus was my first try of a less expensive option.  I don't know if I will stay with it, but for now, it does work well, though I've had 2 crashes in 4 days.

My station currently sends data out to 4 locations on the Internet; my E-Town weather page, PWS Weather, Weather Underground and APRS/CWOP.  The updates are sent at 5 minutes intervals to my page, 5 minutes intervals to PWS and 1 minute intervals for Weather Underground.  The WebCam provides a look across the valley to Lucky Jim Bluff.

The station communicates via wireless spread-spectrum at 933 Mhz to the indoor console.  The console connects to my Windows7 desktop computer via a USB datalogger.  USB and windows are problematic and may at times fail to send the data.  The console's Datalogger is capable of storing about 2 weeks of data before data loss if there are computer problems.  It is not likely that a data loss would occur but certainly if you notice stale or static data being sent or if no data is sent for more than 10 minutes, then there is an issue.  I'd appreciate an Email, letting me know that the "Weather Station is Not Reporting!!!".

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